Preston standing next to Ree Drummond

About Me

Hi! My name is Preston Childress. I am a certified personal chef who has had a lifetime of experiences with food and cooking.

I grew up in a small town in Southeast Kansas.   I have always had a love for food.  As a child,  most of my summers were spent helping in the garden and I loved being in the kitchen.

 My professional culinary adventures began in the United States Air Force, where I was as a Food Service Specialist, stationed at Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Texas.

During Desert Storm, I fine-tuned my high-volume field skills in Cairo, Egypt, cooking for 1,200 military personnel daily. While in college, I worked as a chef then moved to my career of study (we can talk about that later, lol).

Through the years, I continued to cook for friends and family, and have been associated with many caterers and restaurants in Tulsa. Several years ago, I became a Certified Personal Chef and transitioned from the corporate life to focus on what I love doing the most – cooking food.

People often ask me what I like to cook or what I would consider my signature dish.  I love good Cajun and Mexican food but I must admit, I am well known for my “comfort” meals. I love The Pioneer Woman and Ina Garten and I like to think my style reflects both, with influences of many others.

Sunday Pot Roast or Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken are two of my personal favorites. Not to mention, customers special order my Cheesecakes and Italian Creme Cake.  I enjoy researching cultures and their foods and I am always trying an International recipe at home.

What sets me apart from other personal chefs is my creativity and adaptability to cater to what you want to eat.  I offer a variety of menus including, special diets such as:

  • low-fat
  • low-sodium
  • paleo
  • vegetarian
  • gluten free
  • or just your good ole home cookin’.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Eating!