Holiday Party

The Holiday Season has quickly snuck up on most of us again.  This time of year is always busy with shopping, family and friends, and of course cooking.  I love cooking and baking during Christmas and throwing a cocktail party during this time is so much fun.  As a Christmas gift for his parents, a gentleman purchased a night of music, fun and food from an All Souls Unitarian Church silent auction.  

His parents invited several guest to their home in Midtown Tulsa, to hear the church choir sing Christmas Carols at the piano, share in the Holiday Spirit and to eat; and eat we did.  The magnificent table served as a buffet for the beautiful silver platters filled with goodness.  A Smoked Salmon was garnished with mustard leaves, purple kale, lemons and capers.  I mixed up a quick Salmon Mousse and made Chive and Rosemary Crackers.  

I served sweet Lobster and Baby Shrimp Salad, mixed with a Lemon-Dill Aioli, on a fresh French Roll.  What else pairs well with rich seafood?  Beef of course!  I cut cubes of Beef Tenderloin and skewered them with Pearl Onions that had been sauteed in a little butter.

If you have never eaten a fresh Polenta Cake with a drizzle of Pesto on top, you are missing out.  It is easy to make and tastes wonderful.  To round out the table were showcased fresh fruits, vegetables and some very nice figs and dates. As elegant as it looked, the truth was in the taste.  Thank you for your hospitality and Merry Christmas to you all!