Coming home from work…you’re tired and hungry.  You want to eat a delicious, wholesome meal and in just a few minutes, you are! Now imaging eating that meal without shopping or cooking.  It was all done by your very own Personal Chef.

Your Personal Chef service is a unique way of providing you an affordable meal that is customized and prepared just for you, in your own home.

Save Time

There is no planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up.  It’s all done by your Personal Chef, giving you extra time to enjoy.

Neither my husband nor I have enough time to cook dinner during the week, but eating out all the time is expensive and not healthy. Preston’s dinners are delicious and healthy.

Cheaper than eating out and such a relief to have something yummy waiting at home. Plus my kitchen is cleaner when he leaves than when he arrives!”

Laurie K.

Eat Healthily

The freshest and best ingredients are always used.  I shop for natural, local produce and ingredients as much as possible.

Dinner at Home

Back to the basics.  Your Personal Chef can create delicious, homemade food, prepared and served at home and you don’t have to cook.

Gift Certificates are a great idea for the young college student, busy family, the elderly or home-bound client and make a nice gift for new parents. To purchase, simply contact me and indicate the recipient’s name, email, and short personal message or a Gift Certificate will be emailed to you to present at your convenience.


Tulsa Personal Chef